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This is a pre-emptive weekend update.

  • March 6, 2005 1:05 PM
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Fri, Kristin and I went shoppig at the Beverly Center. I got a fcuk shirt and she got a track shirt and some top with little monsters on it, Allan was still working and when he got done he came over. We went to ralphs and got some food and goodies and cooked that shit. Went went to Qtopia where there was some Dj. playing but it was kind of gay with all the OMG!1 crazy asians. We went back to kristins pad and chilled out.

sat: didn't do shit until 2pm; saw "be cool" and got some del taco. David called me when he was done with his relatives and we attempted to do my math homework and show me how to find x and y on intercepting slopes. My brain was prety much mush after that point.

Today I am doing stuff and then going to see sucharee and try to fix her broken imac. damn finder to helllllll ;_;


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Home> Random > This is a pre-emptive weekend update.

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