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Shopping~Casey's Tavern~Hookah Source.

  • March 12, 2005 8:32 PM
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Last night after work, I picked up Kristin and we went to 3rd street promenade. We were supposed to go shopping but she just went shopping. Not that I had a problem, I just didn't feel like a shopping panda. Ate at Johnny Rockets and that was good. On the way back to Allans house we rocked the fuck out to some Linkin Park. Don't talk to me because I'M ABOUT TO BREAK! That was fun.

We got to Allan's, picked him up and went to Casey's Tavern in the valley. Drinks are cheap, way cheaper then le' cannon. Plus it was already 11pm when we left for the bar. We stayed there and thought up rediculous things to say and drank some party juice. Allan got in a good line when we overheard some people next to us talking about some girl with a big butt. "HAHA ONLY IF SHE'S 5'3"

After that we were all tired but decided to goto Hookah source. Anywho's we got the Hawaiian Punch and Kristin and I fell asleep waiting for our order. We must have had the worst pipe evAr because you have to suck like 10fold to get it to hit. Normally, one just breathes in at a normal rate. A big MEH from me on that. kthxbye, we left and I dropped them off.



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