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Malibu goes emo.

Thurs I went to Chipotle with David and Jenn. Dav helped me with my math and we transfered some tunes over at Starbucks. Jenn let me know that there was a Something Corporate show at Pepperdine and I was welcome to come. It was Friday @ 7pm and it happens that I had Friday off due to "Good Friday." Anyday off for me not expected is good.

I arrived @ the school a little before 5pm to catch tickets at the door, Jenn and David came down any we had innout, they brought the giant truck. They gave us wristbands for in's and out privledges. We didn't really care for the opening bands and it was fricking cold. We all went back to the cars to listen to music and crank up the heater!

We got back to watch the last opening band perform and then SC came on. They were very good, they performed a bunch of songs from North as well as their other albums. The highlight of the night had to be Konstintine followed by You C Jordan.

All the kids were ready to cry and cut themselves to FEEL!!!!! Give me a sharp object, I'M SO EMO!

After that Dav and I went to BJ's on Canoga and put down some pizza and appitizers. That was good!

Thanks Dav and Jenn. :)


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Home> Updates/Happenings > Malibu goes emo.

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