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Sidekick2~Blue Bar~Strange Dream

  • February 4, 2005 11:22 AM
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I got my sidekick 2, woo hoo. So my regular number works agian 338-xxxx. So, i am using the carring case it came with and it'd totally geeky. :) I need to get apps on it. Ones I am def. getting are; ssh, and the rss newsreader so I can read you peoples blogs when i'm out and about. Thanks to many new blogging services and programs they all allow and provide rss news needs. happy.

Allan and I went to Blue Bar in Agoura last night. the bar is pretty cool but it wasn't busy at all. Thurs is college night. $2 drafts $1 shots. DJ spinning @ 11pm. We ran into a few hot wimminz but nothing came of it.

I had a wierd dream last night. I ws driving on the 118 and there was this ricer honda or something in the right lane. I could see his two left tires were about to fly off. He lost the front one and the guy in front of me swearved, hit another car and people were all over the road crahing and flipping over. I went left into the dirt and offroaded around all the carnage. The guy kept driving on the rim, I pulled over and me car was spotless clean and unscrathed.. and then my alarm went off.


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