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Saddle ranch~Wash and Wax~ZBT Party~Quizno's suuuuuubs!

  • February 14, 2005 4:06 PM
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Friday, Allan and I were bored. We AIMed ideas back and forth for about 30 min before deciding on Saddle Ranch over some Simi club called Arena. Allan has been talking to Kristin and she decided to come along. Allan drove to Kristin's and we started drinking Vox and redbull at her apt. We cabbed it to to Saddle ranch on Sunset and met up with Kristin's hot roomate and her friend. We were pretty trashed already and if I dank anymore of my AMF I don't know how much more of the night I would remember. We woke up at 8:30 and took Kristin to work then got breakfast, that was tasty.

Sat after we both got cleaned up Allan came over with DVD's, we copied them and then spent the rest of the day waxing the shit out of his car with my orbital buffer. The paint looks muuch better now.
Sat night was a hoot. Allan has a friend Amy who knows a ton of guys in ZBT over @ Csun. They had a stoplight party where you wear dif. colors to represent if you are dating, on edge, or single. (Stoplight = Green,Yellow,Red) I wore my green polo with a sweater over it. We went on a beer run and I got some courage up and met two hot asian wimminz. We danced Provocatively ;) and I got their numbers.
Wow, the ZBT house is like major flashback. Oh, how I remember the days of dating Sucharee and hanging out with familar faces. Now it's all n00b's; The next generation. I got a ride home from Allan.

Sun morning Kristin calls me from Allan's phone: UNIIIIITYYY!!!!! We all went to Quizno's and then to the Thousand Oaks mall. I chilled out later, watched TV, and went to bed early.

In other news: I didn't know P'Diddy drove a Diet Pepsi truck.
/Aye yo' P; check out my new ride./


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