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My iPOD keeps me sane.

  • January 20, 2005 2:40 PM
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Well, it was another wonderful 2 hour drive into work this morning. I want to kill a whole bunch of asshole SUV drivers and whoever designed really shitty merging freeway lanes and offramps.

Fortunately, my ipod keeps me sane. I <3 shuffle, it picked a whole bunch of music to calm my hate and keep me from going road rage:
Playlist went something like:
Bloodhound gang
the zutons
the thrills
dashboard confessional
the vines
and incubus

I want to learn/relearn how to play the piano, I took lessons when I was a kid but I think I either slacked off or gave up. Piano is probably my favorite instrument and I think it would also teach my brain how to interact with my fingers, that way I can touch type too. I have been listening to alot of Ben Folds lately, that is so chill.

OMG new episode of The O.C. TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!1


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Home> Random > My iPOD keeps me sane.

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