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Happy New Year!

  • January 1, 2005 7:38 PM
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2004, you suck. Except that I made so many new friends that I really can't call this a horrible year at all. This year has been a fantastic year for friends, music and my life.

I scored a sweet ride on Jan 11th of '04 met some best Subaru buddies and their friends. Met Rochelle, David, Diane, Jim the whole Valencia crew. I *heart* you guys. <3 Music has been huge this year and many of my new friends have influenced me, helped my tastes and greatly expanded my collection. Great googly moogly has my collection expanded.

July, started working for Sony Pictures and all my coworkers kickass. I have learned alot and I pretty much find out something new everyday. I'm still there and I hope I am given the privledges to stay around.

I started school Nov 2003 and i'm still knocking classes out; A's and B's. Werd. I switched and bought a Mac, or two. :) It's so nice not to have to worry too much about home computing, everything just works. My powerbook hugs me at night. :)

I partied it up last night at a house in teh Valley. We got all wasted up and crashed at a house nearby. Woke up and went to Bobby's for breakfast, mmmm daily special. I love food.

Some of you got drunk dialed by me last night. :) LOL

That's pretty much my 2004, may I wish youi all the best in the new year and i'm going to watch a movie.



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