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Crazy night -or- OMG the SHIRT!

  • January 8, 2005 2:54 AM
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So i'm chatting with Allan, were bored. I just crazy stylee whipped up a paper that was due for teh school tonight. It was weak sauce but whatever; I got it done and emailed to the teacher.

So, we're chatting and I mention that there was cosmic bowling tonight and we could have a little fun with some rockstar and vodka beforehand; goodtimes, he agree's.

While Allan's on his way over here I change into anohter shirt, I decide on the "Oklahoma; we have a built in trailer hitch" shirt I bought at one of the stores. Allan gets here.

---somewhere inbetween here we knock down 2 or 3 vodka shots each--------

I'm feeling fly and we heard that Jamie and my sister were having a "Jamie OMG your going to the Vegas going away party." Allan and I stop by around 11:45.

While i'm literally holding my sister up some chick is having a smoke and I show my sister the shirt i'm wearing; the chick that was smoking liked it and asked me to show her friend.

Short story long, the chicks liked the shirt so much they BOUGHT IT OFF OF ME FOR $30!!!! I was shirtless, fuckit i'm going out without a shirt. LOL EL OH EL. I tried to put the moves on one of the girls. (p.s. I'm incuded with the shirt, if I refund you some money can I buy your number?, I am a consellation prize. etc) Mandy was soo drunk she didn't know how she was going to get home and I stole her keys, this was probably a good idea. Mandy, come see me for your keys: KTHX I *heart* you.

OMG They bought the shirt, so I had on my wool jacket I go home and grab another witty shirt and we head over to the bowling. We consume bowling juice (beer) and bowl fair to good. After we hit up Jack in the Box and get some grub, go back to my house and eat.. mm good shit. I just finishe2d that shit and now I am going to passout from teh alchy and lack of sleep.



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