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Another weekend passed me by..

  • January 31, 2005 12:31 PM
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Friday: My friend Steve came over and we went to Hooters in Burbank, then to 3rd street in Santa Monica. We checked out the hear music store and found out that Urban Outfitters sells Le tigre polos. OMFG The Tiger is back! After that we were hungry agian and we went to inout by the airport and watched all the planes fly over us. Steve is such a plane geel mand he was trying to explain to me how to tell teh difference between a plane series and southwest airlines only flys 737's.

Sat: I woke up at 1:30, Allan came over and we went to lunch at El pollo norteno. This place is awesome. After that we hung around and then Sat night we met up with up Kristin in Hollywood and walked a mile and a half to Hollywood and Vine @ Avalon to see Dj. Sasha, the show was good, his music is starting to change though. We got drunk and took a cab back.

Sun: Woke up at Kristins, went home, cleaned up and went over Allans and watched Resident Evil Apocolypse. Mila Jovovich is so hot. Sun night I went to Davids and picked up all my music. <3 Now we have pretty well master/alves copies of all our tunes. We went to Fridays for drinks and appetizers.


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