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The shoe gods smileth upon me!

  • December 21, 2004 9:29 PM
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I had a pair of kickass Sketchers for about a month, I have since thrown the receipt away. Yesterday I notice that the sole is seperating from the shoe.

...meanwhile, back at the bank account cave.... financial times are tough.. DOODEEDOODEEDOO.

I arrive at The Sketchers Store: Oaks Mall. I explain to "some guy" who I find out later happens to be "store manager" that my shit is falling apart, this is my second pair, and I don't even run the mile or play soccer in them. :) (in the most non demeaning way possible, of course)

I get hooked up with a new pair! WOO HOO.
The store managers name was Chris also, must be a good omen.

Go me! *dances*


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Home> Random > The shoe gods smileth upon me!

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