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Buttonwillow performance driving clnic: 12-18-04

  • December 18, 2004 8:37 PM
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Today I went to Buttonwillow to drive the car on-track agian. The car was great, however the n00bs were not. I think they overbooked the event slightly because it was pretty packed and we didn't get as much track time as hoped.

The track was wet in the morning, combo'ed with a very big jackass in a rental v6 mustang. This jackass0ry cconsisted of: passing in the corners(big no-no), passing in the first session when passed wasn't allowed PERIOD, spinning out all over the place, continuously cutting people off. This fucktard was blackflagged over 5 times. They kicked his ass out and he is OMG ban-zored from Buttonwillow. :)

Foggy would be the least way to describe morning session, the track was wet and at some times there was heavy fog. We were all advised to drive very carefully whilst keeping out headlights and hazards on the entire time.
I got in some good laps and didn't spin out. I did, however find the best way to put my car into a full sliding four-wheel drift. Lift throttle oversteer with AWD is fucking awesome, I love my car.

As few sessions later after halftrack it was time for lunch. MMMM BBQ sammitches. Good news, after lunch the fog dissipated and the track was fully opened. It was great fun and I hope to go back soon.

Diane will appreciate the snazzy little caravan we had going on; FOUR 4-door BMW ///m3's.

The pictures are fucking doo diddly hee haw fantastic, I scored some amazing driving shots. Take a look.

Come closer; into the morning fog. (gallery link)


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