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Thanksgiving weekend - Mojave/Jawbone cyn.

  • November 28, 2004 10:58 PM
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Friday/Sat was pretty pimp. Friday morning my dad and I hooked up the Jeep to the Durango and went out to Jawbone cyn in Mojave.

We gpt there around 9 and setup a little camp, we putted around in the Jeep and then went for lunch at the Jawbone Cyn. store.
The whole weekend they had a band playing from noon on. They were really good, my dad and I put down some beers and jammed out to the band. They played a bunch of different songs, I had a tritip sandwich for lunch, mmm.

Nightfall we setup our fire, I went back to the store to get dinner and walked out with lunchmeet, cheese and wood. They were all out of bread. LOL

The fire was going good, and then later some quad guys decided to climb the hill, we fucked around with them and climped the same hill @ 11pm. They were like :o that thing can giddy up.. damn straight :) . I ran it up the hill like 4times too. The lockers and axles do a jeep good! I took lots of pictures and they are posted.

A good bonding weekend. Now I am chilling at hookah source on the wifi uploading to the gallery.

Turkey Day @ Mojave


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