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The whole weekend in my hand. Driving, Guacamole, and Magnepan!!!

  • October 11, 2004 4:32 PM
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My internet connection died in my house late late night Friday. I am writing this compilation update at work because we have a glorious connection.

Friday night I played around on the computer and watched TV. My two coworkers came over in one of the guys 2000 Audi S4. My plan, to show the n00b some nice Malibu canyon roads. :)

We started around 11pm Fridasy night, we hopped the 118,23, and 101 to Decker Canyon. This is how it begins. We took Decker to PCH and stopped for a quick brake check as James brakes were now smoking due to the heavy downhill grade, hehe. After they cooled a bit we did a nice jaunt through Encinal, Mulholland and Latigo. We ended up back at lookout point above the rock store at around 1:30 am. I went home and caught up on sleep.

Sat: Holy Balls! I wake up at a stellar 2pm. I washed my car and took a shower. I found a guy on Craigslist selling a Powermac g4 tower for cheap, I picked it up for my new file, web, itunes server. Then I went to my friend Davids house where he had a Guacamole cookoff. I increased David's music collection by two-fold and he demonstrated the REAL-ULTIMATE-POWER of his Magnepan speakers. Good God these sound amazing. BT - Forces of gravity will never sound the same to me agian. crackle crackle ziiiiiiiiiiiip WHOOOSH! I <3 this song. If I won the lotto I would have these in a skip-second. Thank you for the nice party and for opening my ears to the true world of high quality audiophilisim.

Sun: I went to Frys with my mom to get her a new processor, the 850 AMD is kicking the bucket and keeps locking up every 30 minutes. I got her a 2800+ and I picked up a gig of RAM for the G4 tower. I loaded OSX up on it and now if my G(*&*%$&$ internet would work I can start setting this thing up.

On other notes, Sucharee should be home from Thailand by now, I am waiting for a call because I have something she *might* want. Hint, it's green and everybody loves it. I also plan to update her iMac G4 with some new goodies.

I think I am going to iPod my car with the Alpine kit. I'll post updates as to how that goes.



October 12, 2004 4:43 PM Reply

After the party I decided I needed one of these.


You can find em for cheaper on Audiogon - so perhaps eventually I'll save up enough for it. After that, if I upgrade the CD player and cabling, I'll have totally medium quality setup. That would be swell.

October 12, 2004 4:45 PM Reply

Green and everybody loves it?

Kermit? Weed? Margaritas?

October 12, 2004 4:56 PM Reply

Thats a nice AMP!

Still speculating on what the mystery item could be?

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