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Sublame at Murphy's

  • October 24, 2004 3:13 PM
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Last night was awesome! I was bored off my ass copying music when I rememebred that last week at Justins house Allan and I ssaw some flyers advertizing a Sublime cover band called Sublame :) playing in simi valley and that they were pretty good.

I had just remembered around 7pm and The band is supposed to go on at 10. We did not know then until we arrived at murphy's. In the midst of it, and to kill time we went by the Treehouse. We had a few drinks there, played some video games and I ran into a girl I went to highschool with. Treehouse was aight, there was another cover band playing there, they were doing 70's and 80's stuff.

A ten, we got back to Murphys, paid our 3 dollar cover ;) and watched the band. They were really good, we chatted with them and the guys are cool. They said the band just started not too long ago and they were still trying to learn all the songs. We got out of murphys around 12 and went back to Treehouse until last call.

Now I am sitting on the steps in front of Sucharee's apartment mooching internet access off some good neighbors. Good meaning, they left the access point unsecured.



November 16, 2004 12:05 PM Reply

Hey Chris i read your input on "sublame." i wish i could of been there. do u know any more information on them such as website, calendar n so forth. I would appreciate anything u may know.

thank you!!

February 18, 2005 11:24 PM Reply

Here is there page
there will be some shows posted soon!!

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