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Wow, Sat already.

  • September 26, 2004 3:23 AM
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Today was pretty fun!
Allan IM'd me around 3am but I already passed out, I responded that, yes, I had found his phone he left from the previous night.

We made plans for me to return his phone and go out to lunch. These plans now added to go see a movie. I suggested Shaun of the dead.

The movie started at 4:45 in westlake and so we went to CPK beforehand and looked around barnes and noble.

The movie was hilarious comedy. I suggest you go see it, it was a great take on zombie flicks and very entertaining. :)

So, then Allan and another friend came over my house agian tonight. He brought the rest of the Friday's orange mix, we blended that up and then watched Euro trip. OMG hawt girls everywhere. yum. I thought the movie was pretty damn funny, def not a waste of your dvd rental money.

We played a little gamecube for about 2 hours and we whooped eachothers ass at Soul Caliber 2, Mariokart race + battle mode with bombs. The last game we played was SSX 3 snowboarding.

They left about a half hour ago and....

So, now as I type this i'm listening to Dr. Dre. Werd, i'm gonna goto bed.
Tomorrow is another day, I think i'm gonna wash my car, do some homework, laundry and catch up on some sleep.

l8r all.



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