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Labor Day weekend.

  • September 7, 2004 11:49 AM
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Fri: picked up my tux for Sun. watched tv. started some homework.

Sat: Took my car to the dealer to fix some minor issues, built a computer for a friend, went to innout. finished homework.

Sun: One of my best friends Steve got married. Wowzers! Got all tux'ed up, stood around in the hot sun. it was HOT! The wedding went off without a hitch! FRAWLESS VICTORY! Partied all night and got home late.

CONGRATS to the both of you! Steve and Leslie!

Mon: Went to Santa Monica Pier with my friends, walked around on the beach. i wished i preparded for swimming because it was the perfect day for jumping in the ocean. :(

Ordered pizza and watched nip/tuck.


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Home> Random > Labor Day weekend.

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