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  • August 11, 2004 7:07 PM

I am in class posting wireless from class.. i'm supposed to be watching a presentation.. of course, what do you get when you combine three women in a group with a presentation that is totally open to whatever topic you want?
A biased, pooly put together and graphic powerpoint presentation on women agianst Abortion??

In other news, I was dozing off dreaming about WRX's, Video games and the best way to control a flying taxi.

The a/c is broken so is fucking goddamn ridiculously hot in here. I'M HUNGRY, The food guy comes at 7pm, but the instructor decided that he will let us out at 7:15, thus missing the break food truck. :( This is unacceptable. It's 7:06 I want to eat.


August 11, 2004 9:07 PM Reply

Check your mail crackhead!!! :)


Hey tell your teacher MonkeyNutZ is gonna fire a Spinblaster into his ass if he doesn't let you eat!!!

Imagine a WRX with the Subaru SVX twin-turbo flat-6 making over 400HP and 400TQ with a widebody kit and wideass lowprofile tires. OH CRAP!!

want some candy?...

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