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My drinking team has a weekend problem.

  • August 30, 2004 10:39 AM
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Problem: It's too short.

Friday nite: Went to Costa Mesa drinking/barhopping with my friends Jason and Jeff.
Skosh Monohans, Yardhouse, Goathill Tavern.
We got back to Jeff's O.C. pad and I passed out on the couch. I was also made aware there was a pool on my alcoholic intake for the night, bastards. ;)

Sat: Lets go drinking agian! I took Steve out to Old Town Pasadenda for his psuedo, get away from the future wifey, sorta, kinda bachelor party.
We hit up: Gordon Beirsch, I went to Sushi Roi after GB and got a Saki bomb, then we walked over to Q's.
Q's was ok, we played two really bad games of pool and I got quite a bit of drinking in. My tolorence might have gone up from Friday night because I put down 4 Redbull and 1 cranberry and Vodka.
Q's was filled with fat mexican bitches. There were also two sluts making a spectacle of themselves. It must have been girls night out because I got no play. :(

Sun: I went to lunch with Rochelle and Jim! Good peoples. I had a Panini from Cornerstone Bakery and then we walked around the Valencia Mall.
Later; Diane came over. We had a big music swapping session, watched some Underworld and music videos then went to Fridays.


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Home> Random > My drinking team has a weekend problem.

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