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This weekend is gonna be fun... :-D

  • June 25, 2004 4:58 PM

You know what you have to do.. oh yes, it's FRIDAY!!!!!
party hardy.

My friends Wayne and Charity are hosting a birthday park for another friend named babak, i'm pretty sure thats how you spell it. We just say babcack for goodtimes. Anyways, the party should go off @ 8pm and drinking should ensue.. I hope to not stay super late. I have to go home and get some sleep.

Sat: I am going with my friend allan to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) a big concert and full size carnival rides. It should be really awesome.

Sunday I have to write a rough draft paper due tue, it's on a crummy topic of Conflict in Teams. Total due words due, the following tue is 1150 - 1500 words. Hopefully I can focus long enough to write the paper.

Ok, well I'm at Polyfet, Jeromes work today burning CD's for his company, sticking CD labels and getting paid a little money, i'm outta here, and I have to go to the mall and grab some shorts for Sat.




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Home> This weekend is gonna be fun... :-D

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