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Sat @ The Creek/Goathill & Sun - DJ Tiesto!

  • June 7, 2004 8:31 PM

wow, just wow! What a party weekend!

Saturday was a Birthday party at a guy Ryan's apt. nicknamed Thecreek for the creek that runs through the middle of the complex. Then it moved over to The Goathill Tavern. I didn't drive.

You can find the pictures here.
Party @ The Creek

Sunday night was the BEST!!!!
The show was last night (Sun 6-6) at the Avalon.

I didn't get home until almost 5am.

Tiesto puts on a live set like no other and keeps the crowd moving all night. I met some new friends and took alot of pictures.

#1 Tiesto!!!!

and for all you "Where's the pictures" here are a few and a link to the gallery.

The opening act was ok. It started the night off well.

Tiesto goes on and the crowd goes crazy!! Strobes @ a million time a second.

My friend and I before we ventured into the crowd to stake out the action.

Finding action..

People throw your hands up!!!!

Tiesto has magic fingers!

More action!

Really drunk by now I think. ;)

and the night ends...

Rest of the pics, including incriminating photographs. ;) here.


Thank you to everone I met, Allen for driving, and the girls I met Lauren, Viki, Veronica.
Maybe we'll meet at another show.


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