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Treehouse tonight.....

  • May 23, 2004 2:44 AM

Met Mandy, Summer, Shannon, and some guy Jeremy at Friday's. They proceded to have appitizers and a few drinks there. Shannon was tired from working all day, Summer and Mandy came with Mandy and I to the Treehouse. It was pretty cool, our plan was to check that place out and if it was dull, go hit up murphy's. The hizzouse was prety cool tho. There was a funky band playing in one room, and hippity hoppity in the other room. Mandy and Summer got their groove on. I joined in for awhile, but also played darts and mortal kombat.

Shannon showed up and played pool for abit with her boyfriend and then they left.

I met a friend Gale, who used to work @ Murphy's, turned out a bunch of people quit or got fired. Gale, Angie(Bartenders), Mustafa(security) They got new management and I guess Treehouse is the new hotspot.

Mandy talked politics with some dudes in the parking lot for 45 min. and now I have to drive mandy back to Fridays to get her truck.

all and all, good night.




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