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My plans for the weekend.

  • February 25, 2004 10:22 PM

Friday is my friend Mikes Bday, we are going out to a sports bar in Burbank and then to shoot some pool.

Maybe on Sat:
Since Subaru can't seem to design a decent doorpanel with a speaker that doesn't rattle I am going to fix it myself.
One week after I bought the WRX I took it into the dealer to get the boost gauge put in, I also complained of a right front speaker rattle. The "speaker checked out fine."

pssssssh whateva! Anyway, looking at many other posts on forums about "The rattle" they have determined it's a weathershield. (fancy name for plastic sheet)
This sheet keeps water from coming in contact with the inside of the metal door. Really, all that is needed it removing some plastic clips, a screw or two, and carefully cutting a small hole in the sheet. This stops the plastic from rattling when air is forced from the speaker to the door panel.

Other plans include:
Take some pics of the rain, and rebuilding my computer. I have some faster parts sitting in a box and I am going to transform this into my new workstation.

I also might change the oil.

p.s. Idiots can't drive out here in the wet. Panic ensues everytime some water automagically falls from the sky.


February 26, 2004 12:14 PM Reply

No no no...

What happens is the rain shorts out the part of their brain that makes them function like sane and rational drivers!

*BZZ!* "OMG!! WATER! We're all going to diiiie!!!"

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