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  • February 19, 2004 9:46 PM

I don't feel like typing a huge long post.. here is basically what I did last weekend..

Got a Fishtank, got gravel, got a betta fish. The Petco guy said it was ok to mix Betta and Goldfish. Yea it's ok except the Goldfish is a coldwater fish and a betta is tropical. Just because they don't fight doesn't mean their happy. Fuckers. I took back the betta and I donated the big fatass goldfish back to petco. They said he was big enough for a POND! Haha a 15 cent goldfish lasts 9 months and goes back home. I am going to build this 10 gallon tank into a tropical paradise. I will add 6 Neon Tetras to start. The rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.

Here is a quote from a guy who has a nice big tropical tank on the forums.

make the 10 gal a tropical tank. Your rule of thumb should be 1 inch of fish per gallon. With that size I would focus on one species. Cardinals are a favorite of mine. You could even keep 'problem fish' like Tiger Barbs since you won't be mixing species. A small school of 8-10 fish will look real nice. Make sure you have a heater for that setup.
Add them 3 at a time, every week or so, to let the tank cycle. Once it's running fine, maybe 6 weeks, I would look to add some live plants. Happy fish, better water quality, and something fun to mess with since you can't add more fish to such a small tank.
Oh, and find a local fish store, fuck Petco.

Last weekend I also rented movies with my mom and watch them. That was Underworld, American Wedding and Once Upon a time in Mexico. Salma Hayek is HOT!
Picture from IMDB

Sat. highlights also included washing the bathroom and scrubbing the tub.

Sunday I went on a Canyon Run with some Subaru and Mini Cooper guys and then met Sucharee and Rudi for dinner! We went to Chevy's. It's a Mexican place, our server was an arrogant prick.

WHEW! You made it this far you deserve a flash game..

Bubble wrap!!


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