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Done with my second class at University Of Phoenix.

  • February 19, 2004 9:49 PM

Got another A.. WOO HOO!
Next class is:

SOC/105 - Introduction to Popular America Culture
This is an introductory course on modern American culture. The course focuses on the interactions between social forces such as advertising, media, and lifestyle and cultural trends in modern American society. Students are asked to cast a critical eye on current trends and changes in our culture.

For getting a good grade, this weekend is party time. I also have to write a paper:

ASSESSMENT: Pop Culture Inventory
Everyday we make a variety of choices regarding the clothing we wear, the food we eat, the entertainments we seek out, and the products we buy. For several days, compile an inventory of every artifact of popular culture that you come into contact with – music videos, fast food establishments, comic books, etc. After compiling this inventory, compose a 700-1050 word essay which addresses the following questions:
1) What patterns are identifiable in the list of pop culture artifacts in your inventory? Are certain sorts of items more common than others; are there themes that seem to be more prevalent? If so, are these patterns indicative of a fad (a short-term influence) or a trend (a long-term, sustained change in culture)?
2) What values are being communicated in the items in the compiled inventory? Are convenience, pleasure, and gratification emphasized? Health, pursuit of wealth, social responsibility?
3) To what extent do you feel that the values imported by popular culture have directly impacted your personal decision-making? Do you consider yourself very aware of the influence of popular culture on your decision-making? Or has the influence been more sub-conscious?
Be sure to attach your inventory to the essay. This assignment is due in Week One.

hope everyone has a good weekend.


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Home> Done with my second class at University Of Phoenix.

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