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CITIBank Customers beware.

  • January 12, 2004 9:16 PM

I just received this..
HAHA what a fucking JOKE, what are they from goddamn India, I'm not stupid.

Dear Online-Citibank Clients,

This message was sentt by the CitibankOnline sevrer to veerify your email
adress. You must cpemotle this psorecs by clicking on the link
below and enttering in the smal window your Citbiank Debit
full Card Nummber and Card Pin that you use on Atm machine.
That is done for your pcotretion -C- becaurse some of our memebrs no
loengr have access to their email adedserss and we must verify it.

To veerify your e-mail adderss and access your Citi-Bank account, clic on
the link below. If ntohing hapepns when you klick on the link -W copye
and pastte the link into the adderss bar of your window.


Thank you for using Citicard!

This autotmaic email sent to: -----------
Do not rpely to this email.



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