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Just got home, great night out.

  • December 28, 2003 2:37 AM

The Place: Old Town Pasadena.

The Party: Whereever WE were. :) :)

Started at gordon biersch @ 7:45, had a few drinks geeked out and talked about the mars probe and mining the moon missions. After we paid the check... proceeded over to the local billards, Q's we got in before 10pm so cover was $5. So my friends as I teamed up at pool then played singles. Then more teams, this proceeded for nearly 2 and a half hours. Maybe more. Drinks ensued.. After the dance floor opened up on the lower level it turned into a goddamn ridiculous PARTAAAY! :) It was awesome, soo packed.

Met a girl, got her number, she's local to me. Cute blonde.
Dance dance drinks dance dance 1:30 party over. go home. :)



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Home> Just got home, great night out.

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