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Went to FFW last Sun.

  • November 7, 2003 12:05 PM

FFW - Fun Ford Weekend, how could I miss it. It was a first annual event for the West Coast. It's really popular in the east, primarily because all the tracks suck out west. Plus it's one of the best chances to see the big boys come out to play. I took some pictures and put them in the photo album.

FFW Photo Gallery

Also, congrats to Mark Luton of X2C Motorsports. He took runner up in the Mod Motor Madness Class and walked away with $3000.

Mark Luton
R/T: 0.757
D/I: 14.73
E/T: 14.871
MPH: 93.71


November 9, 2003 7:46 PM Reply

I remember the nuke test we saw in the last couple pics. ;)

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