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Went for a little drive...

  • November 28, 2003 11:55 PM

Taking a break from my paper, I have a legible rough draft, but not enough words yet.

I was hungry and bored so I decided to go for a drive. Took 118 to Tampa drove down past Flames and Cruisers, of course noone was there, then I took Nordoff > Desoto > Oxnard. To scope out the Barnes and Noble my group is going to meet at on sun.

On the way back I took Santa Susana pass home, threw my little car around some corners *fun and pulled into the local Jack in the box.

Working the drive-through was a mid-twenties, college student, she looked cold and bored.

Driving away I realized where i've gone and been.

Exactly three years ago today I was working graveyard at that same shithole Jack In The Box.
No matter how much my job sucks I would never ever want to work fast-food agian.

eh! I even ditched my graveyard shift one cold January night to run-off to the Palace (A Club) where I met Sucharee.

Where would I be without her?


December 1, 2003 9:54 AM Reply

Awwww... I'm glad that you realized that you really have come a long ways. Congrats and may you have tons of happiness. Remember go for what you really want and don't just settle for what you get. Keep on working hard and I'm sure you will end up doing great things in your lifetime. Love ya!

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