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Weekend update or how school can run your life.

  • November 30, 2003 11:07 PM

I worked on schoolwork all weekend at various intervals. Here is my story.

Friday: I went to work, outlined my topics for my personal goals paper, browsed the internet. Did some other work stuff. Bleh, boring.. I left work @ 3:30. :)

Friday night: Came home and wrote my paper, it wasn't good enough so I printed it out and gave it to my sister who is an awesome writer! She corrected some stuff and drew arrows and bullets saying I should add more crap here etc. Then I went for a drive, see previous post. Read and then went to bed really late\early am

Sat: Woke up late, screwed around on the computer, tried to read somemore, turned off the computer, turned back on the computer, finished a rough draft of my paper. It looks to be enough words now. Emailed it to my sister.

Sat Night: Alex invited me to a going away kinda party for this girl i've never met, at this couples house. Wayne and Charity, they got a new puppy, it's cute. It looks to be part lab and part Jack russell?? I dunno it's only 11 weeks old but it wanted to bite my leg off. Bad doggy. We ate chips and ate other snacks that were provided. We also watched Jackass the movie. Anyway, got home a little before 12, looked around on the internet, and read the rest of another chapter.

Sun: Set my alarm for 10am, got up at 10:45 :) Finished reading another chapter in another book. Met with my group at 2pm, we did an outline for a paper\presentation due in 5 weeks, We picked the topic of Stress Management. I'm sure Amanda and Sucharee could tell me all about that. Woo hoo.

Sun Nite: (it's night already): I am on my way home, I called Steve, he got his new car. It's so pimp. '04 Honda Accord v6, fully loaded except the $2000 dvd navigation system. Leather, heated seats, sunroof. It's Black with Tan int. I am jealous, now I want to get rid of my car even more and get a nice Audi or BMW to out-do him. :) I will have my REVENGE Steve-O. I guess that will come after I graduate.

Now it's a little after 11. I finished all my reading, I set my nice bookshelf speakers to a reasonable volume, put the Dish on classical MUSAK and said "YOU CAN DOO IT!" Well, now i'm done and i'm tired.



December 1, 2003 12:30 PM Reply

Hey, poopface. I know what I want you to get me for Christmas now! I want a Super Nintendo and Super Mario Bros games! They're not that expensive, right? :)

December 15, 2003 11:49 PM Reply

testing.. to show Mr. Steve yes, look it really does work.

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