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Todays story and.. get drunk on the comapny dime!!! woo hoo.

  • October 28, 2003 6:44 PM

The day was pretty routine, I got that package and drove back to the show, it started at Ten. The package was some software that has charts of north america, and oceans. Called Nobeltec.

I installed the Nobeltec software on one of the computers and took another one over to the NMMA Innovative awards room, where I set that unit up for demo.
The rest of the day i tried to sell people stuff, skipped lunch and bought a giant pretzel for $200 ($2). I saved myself for dinner.


We took a writer from Power and motor yacht magazine out, we went to an upscale Chinese Fusion resturant called China Grill
China grill entree's and appitizers are made "Family style" to share, John and Ron had been there before so I let John order, but put in a word for the Garlic Shrimp. All food is served one after another, served after it is prepared.

We started off with an appetizer.. a fabulous Peking Duck Salad, Roasted with tangerine orange sauce. Our waitress asked if we would like any water, wine, or drinks from the bar. John ordered a "Singapore Slinger" All I know is it's a sweet drink made with Gin. I had one and he had one.

Our next entree was Cury chicken and Chow mein noodles, it was very good. The curry chicken was slightyly spicy, and that made me drink more of my Slinger. :)

Next was Drunken chicken, and tempura. This is BBQ chicken breast marinated in Saki and had the tempura on the side.. mmm yummy. Served with sweet kinda sauce, not terriaki.

Next was the Garlic shrimp with black fettuchini noodles and coconut sauce.

Last for what they call Accompaniments, we had Crispyu Spinach. It was good, and crispy and like SOAKed in butter.. :)

Actually...everything from there was REALLY good, after I was done with the Spinach I ordered another Singapore slinger. Our waitress totally RULED, I complimented her on that too. She put like ++ Gin in the second drink. woooooo I was fucvking floating in air. :)

We racked up a modest $200+ bill.


ok, I am going to take a shower and pass out from exhaustion.


October 28, 2003 8:11 PM Reply

Sounds like you had a good evening! Well enjoy your last night there. Have a great day and a safe flight back. Miss ya!

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Home> Todays story and.. get drunk on the comapny dime!!! woo hoo.

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