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So i ordered a pizza from Papa Johns....

  • October 17, 2003 8:50 PM

I opt'ed for carry-out because they had a special. $10.99 the coupon read.

I got to the counter and there is some dumb blonde highschooler sweeping the floor, she looks me straight in the eye and says, "Hi is this for pickup?" "Yes" I answered. She takes my name and then says "Someone will be right with you" and continues sweeping.

What the hell? Is she too fucking lazy to just give me my Pizza or walk back and tell someone I am here for my food?

So i'm waiting up there for like 4 minutes and the girl comes to ring me up, HOLY SHIT she looks like she was raised by a family of angry inbred Raccoons. You know, one minute they seem harmless enough....

.....and the next minute they want to rip your head off with their claws of death!

Well I swore this girl was going to assassinate me before I received my order. She had those dark circles around her eyes like she was up all night chain smoking and didn't get any sleep and had ugly purple painted fingernails! So I pay, sign my receipt and she rips the paper-copy out of my hand while clutching my prized pepperoni passion in the other. I retorted with the famed "Stupid Bitch!" Statement. This caught her off guard which bought me enough time to snatch the pizza from ugly raccoon girls finger and avoid her purple death grip.

I laughed as I exited the joint fearing next time I might not be so lucky. ..


October 18, 2003 7:19 PM Reply


God, you sound so much like me... it's scary!

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