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More pics and todays update.

  • October 27, 2003 7:16 PM

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This is our booth! Looks nice, and everything works, thanks to me.

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This is our display, yea thoseb are 19-29 inch NEC flatscreens, they are beat to shit from going all around the country.

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This is a big mother fux0ring boat!

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Some body of water\river.

OK, todays story: I woke up late, oh shit. I didn't hear my alarm. It was a crappy sony clock radio and the buzzer is too weak for me to hear. DOH!!! 20 min late, boss is mad. I miss breakfast: not good.

Around a quarter to ten John wants a diet coke, I go to the food court. SCORE! Slice of cheeze pizza. OK i'm good, I get back to the booth before showtime, do some final tweeks and everythings good.

Just after 11 oclock I take a tour around the show, cool, get some booth goodies. Cool! Come back to thje booth, ah rats! My feet hurt.


just after 1 oclock I break for lunch, get a $5.50 hot dog and fries and a $3.25 drink: good thing i'm not paying.

xx- oclock thirty: work. Meet Mike from Orbcomm: our global MICAD.net satellite communications guy, cool dude from NJ with a Brooklyn accent.

around 5 Complementary odurves are served! We score big agian, cheeze crackers, bleu cheeze little hot balls filled with meat: looks like asian cusine. Also, free beer, wine and sodas! I hate beer, I grab two cokes.

6pm - close booth

7:30 pm go out to dinner with Ron, John and Mike. We went to "The Palms". Had lobster bisque, and great steak!

As always the pictures are in Chris' Photo Gallery


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