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Deciding on school or Now who do I give my money to?

  • September 30, 2003 10:07 AM

I am ready to go back to school, this job isn't going anywhere and neither am I if I don't get at least a BS in something. (no, not a BS in BS) If I could, i'd prolly fail that too.
So I asked around about University of Phoenix, their motto is something like "College for working adults" "Complete your Bachelor degree n just 2-3 years"

Here were some responses:

Phoenix is okay, but very quick/demanding according to my coworker who is going through their program right now.

There are other schools that offer fully (nationally) accredited degrees. NJIT, RIT, UC system, to name three. There's quite a few mid western universities (actual, not diploma mills) who have programs nearly as old as NJIT and RIT, whose Distance Learning programs are nearly 20 years old.

Phoenix is very expensive, but not that much more than upper division courses at other schools.

Also another one:

I just finished the BS IT program, mostly just to have the diploma. I got work to reimburse it, so it was a good deal for me.

I won't say I didn't get anything out of it, but it definitely has its quirks. Instruction quality varies GREATLY from teacher to teacher, IME (the teachers have day jobs, too). It is expensive. And time consuming. For the in-class programs, They basically do one class at a time, serially. They cram a semester's worth of class into 5 weeks. Each class is 5 weeks long, and you do one after the other, one at a time. In an average week, you'll meet one night (4 hours) in class, and you're supposed to meet 5 hours/week with your "Learning Team" to work on your team project. Most people don't meet the full 5 hours, but the team project is a huge part of your grade, so it's definitely worthwhile to get a good learning team (NO SLACKERS!) and spend the time to do the work on the project. Team projects are usually a 10-20 page paper and 15-20 minute presentation on the 5th night of class. Hope you've got PowerPoint skills, because you'll be using them. A lot. Even in the IT program. I don't have any experience with the FlexNet program, but I've heard from friends that you write a LOT of papers (one good sized paper per week, at least). That varies from class to class and probably from teacher to teacher.

The administration isn't always very helpful, and sometimes it can seem like they only care about your money, and not helping you out. You'll probably have to stand your ground very firmly to get what you want if any issues arise. UoP is a business school at heart, and this is reflected in their other programs (well, IT at least). Some of the classes are obviously targeted at business students, and the teachers of these classes often have little to no technical IT experience (assuming that's the program you're looking at - this is Ars, after all ).

They do have some admission requirements (must be 23 or older, must have a day job in a 'business-like' environment), but when it comes down to it, they want your money, and will likely work with you on any admissions issues.

There you have my opinion. Not a glowing endorsement, but not a scathing warning, either. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Now i'm having second thoughts.


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