"The [35mm] camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life. There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept." -Ansel Adams 


I am an Autodidact, High Vision, FUNtographer!

Interested in photography ever since I can remember getting an old 35mm camera with the 110 film that comes in little cartridges. @__@

After playing around with snapshots.. I picked back up in Highschool and developed black and whites in the darkroom. I think I may have won a photo contest for the shot I dubbed "cat playing the piano."

Years later, I now bought myself an SLR based off the same platform that I shot B&W in middle school. A trusty Canon EOS Rebel.

I have had a love for music ever since I was a kid; Dad and Mom played the guitar and sung folk songs. When I discovered dance music in the 90's through the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, BT and various dance compilation labels (Ultra, URB) my tastes eventually branched out into deeper sounds of Soul, House, Disco. I enjoy listening and exploring styles ranging from Deep House and Disco to various styles of Techno.

Legendary DJ Francois K talks about the early days of his career with Remix Editor Kylee Swenson. It wasn't marketing or a polished sales pitch, but persistence and a deep love of music that made things happen for him. Quote below:

"But, you know, the way you're expressing it; I just don't think that's how I saw it. I was interested in the music, and the beat, and the parties and the beauty of what this whole accomplished. And there was no marketing or, business plan or, ambitions, or any of what you seem to hint or imply in your question." 

"Because it's really all about: sharing love with something, you'll just give yourself totally to it, you'll dedicate yourself to it, and you'll find a way to express; what you like, and your passion, and connect with people and share that with them; and i think that's all there is really." 

-Francois K (2008)

That being said, I have felt this deep inside my whole life. I just never found a better way to say it, then the way Francios just did. ..and I don't play music, I create images. personally, I believe the energy I convey, is so because I really appreciate and understand what builds a great DJ/set/night. etc. If you put your head into it, completely. I am thankful that the promoters and party people I connect with understand that...

2013: Update 


In this current scene of HD video, streaming parties, tweets and updates; I still appreciate artist photography. If the norm is to have a photographer, I still try to focus on the bigger picture.

Creative energy is in me, and it's important to a central dancing experience. Anything that I create or project, is something that came out of me. 

I do everything for the music, so its artist2artist we have an artist2artist job to make people dance and to give them a moment "being" captured. It's up to the viewer to determine what that picture made them feel at a certain time. I suggest you "be" present. :)

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